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Microglia Maintenance of Neuron Synapses — 5 Comments

  1. iskandar basal on said:

    It seems the microglia share some properties of the macrophages and others of the dentritic cells. This when they work as cells of the immune system. Interesting their additional function in the monitoring of synapses and the neuron remodelling. I guess what they do when some protein deposit in the CNS such as amyloid

    • Margaret Reece, PhDMargaret Reece, PhD on said:

      The response of microglia to amyloid is very interesting. The processes of non mobile non activated microglia are attracted to monomer form of Amyloid beta 42 – the plaque forming molecule in Alzheimer’s – but the oligo form, plaque, attracts the activated form of microglia. Activated microglia are responsible for the inflammation associated with Alzheimer’s plaque, but recent studies failed to find amlyoid within the activated microglia. The conclusion was that while amyloid plaque causes activation of microglia that microglia are not actually able to clear the plaque.

      • iskandar basal on said:

        I would examine the receptors on the microglia surfaces and on the surface of their internal endosomes.

  2. iskandar basal on said:

    However, I have only simple knowledge on this subject

    • Margaret Reece, PhDMargaret Reece, PhD on said:

      I think right now everyone is just beginning to learn about the role of the glial cells in the brain.

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