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  1. josephine mutakela on said:

    I’m a nurse with degree in nursing and midiwifery,48 years old registered for masters degree in anatomy. I’m now scared. Please help.

    • Margaret Reece, PhDMargaret Reece, PhD on said:

      Wow. Congratulations. There is nothing to fear about a masters degree program with your background. You will probably love having a new way to view the information. The key to learning anatomy is to translate all of those old Latin names the ancients gave to body parts into their English counterparts. Once the names have descriptive meaning they will be easy enough to remember.

    • Margaret Reece, PhDMargaret Reece, PhD on said:

      Learning anatomy is like learning a new language. The names of the body parts are actually descriptive terms about how the body part looks and works. The problem is that the language is an old language, Latin. Try going to the web page There you can put the anatomic name in one box and hear the word pronounced in any number of the world’s languages. Use the little microphone symbol under the boxes to hear the word spoken in English and then is other languages. The human brain remembers sound much better than words it reads and cannot imagine hearing. One reason the same word sounds so different in various languages is that each language pronounces letters of the alphabet uniquely.

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