Reece-4-S2S14-001 30-Day Challenge: Craft Your Plan for Learning Physiology

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Frequently Asked

Where does the course take place?

When you login at the right, you will be taken to your classroom page. On the classroom page you will find links to the 30 daily topics and action steps. Links will also be there for recordings of the weekly live webcast teleseminar with Q&A shortly after the presentation airs. Each module’s material will be available at the classroom.

A new module’s material will be added each week on Fridays. You will also receive a daily email with all the links you need for the course material,teleseminars and the private Facebook group.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have access to course materials and recordings for one year. Beta testers will have the option of joining for free the final course when it is offered at full price.

Where can I download the course manual?

Manual contents will be available daily as a .pdf download through links in your email and on the classroom page. Once the beta test produces a tested version of the material, the manual will be available as .pdf download.

How much time will this course take?

You should be able to complete each day’s lesson and action steps in about an hour. Each lesson is designed to discuss one major concept and includes a set of 3-5 action steps for you to complete.

An action step may be to read an online article, or watch a video or research a concept that further explains the day’s lesson. Answers to action step questions can be found in your textbook, bonus material that comes with this course, on wiki or just by Googling for the information.

There are no tests and no checks on whether you do the action steps. They are there to help the lesson establish itself in you mind. The most effective way to learn from this course is to follow the lessons in sequence. You have access to all of the material for at least one year. Working at your own pace is fine.

What if I get behind?

You will receive a lesson by e-mail each day for 30 days. The daily lessons will also be accessible to you at the course classroom. But, it is up to you how fast you decide to work through the material.

Maybe, you only have two days a week with time for this course. In that case, you may want to completed two to three day’s lessons each time you work with the course. Or, maybe you get sick and find yourself behind. That is OK too. Catch up when you can. All of the lessons will be available to you for a year. The five live teleseminars will be recorded and you may access them through links on the classroom page.

What if I do not complete the course in 30 days?

You will have online access to your classroom page with the daily lessons and bonuses for a full year. All of the weekly teleseminars will be recorded and links to the recordings will be added to the classroom page the next day.

What if I have questions?

Questions will be submitted and answered in weekly live teleseminar sessions. Each session will include a short 20 minute presentation about the current module and will then be open for questions. Questions may be submitted electronically on the webcast page and the questions and answers will be recorded. If you cannot be at the live recording, you may submit questions by email up until the morning of the live teleseminar and they will be included in the questions answered there. A link to the recording will be available on the classroom page the next day.

Will I need to call long distance to join the weekly teleseminar?

No. We will be using a service named Instant Teleseminar for the weekly live sessions. It will be operated as a webcast only. All you will need is an internet connection.