Where to begin your study of anatomy

Helpful sites for students in anatomy courses can be difficult to find online. On this resource page you will find links to several Free anatomy learning sites that you will find useful.

There are links here to videos – and more – that are short presentations and in my opinion are well done.  They load quickly and will not waste your time. Also, check back to this page from time to time, because it will be updated as I find more good stuff.

Drawing of healthy young man standing

Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci c. 1496

First, you will find a free interactive learning site for studying human anatomy at Inner Body. Here is also link is to a tour of this site Using the Inner Body Explorer. The site tour video is 4:06 minutes.

Second, there is a very nice video describing bone micro anatomy using a model at Bone Model-Osteon.  Similar models are included in many anatomy lab courses.  They are also extensively used for lab practical exams.  This video is 3:15 minutes.

For help with anatomical terms, you can go to a Wikipedia page Foreign Roots in Anatomy and Medicine.

Textbook descriptions of anatomical movements can sometimes be hard to understand. Check out a 3:40 minutes video Anatomical Terms of Movement.

Recent studies at Massachusetts Medical School have produced a whole new view of the organization of brain fiber pathways. The video New Discoveries in Brain Structure and Connectivity with Dr. Van Wedeen has pictures that you will not want to miss. This video is 3:14 minutes.

The Cardiovascular System in Under 10 Minutes

Muscle Names

It is always depressing to be given a long list of Latin named muscles to memorize.  However, when the names make sense they are much easier to remember.  Check out a video called Muscle Names Have Meaning by Kevin Patton. This video is 5:46 minutes.

More helpful links will be added over the next few months. So, check again later for updates to this page.

If you come across other useful online help for learning anatomy, please leave the links in the comment box below for use by your fellow students.  Or send me an email at DrReece@medicalsciencenavigator.com and I will add your finds to the list.

If you find this article useful in your study of anatomy, please share it with your fellow students.

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